Engaging Teenage Girls in Sport | eLearning Course

Engaging Teenage Girls in Sport

During this online course you will explore the current state of play for teenage girls in sport and exercise; from their participation and attitudes towards it, to the complex barriers that get in the way.

You will gain a deeper understanding of teenage girls’ lives and relationship with sport and uncover why sport needs to change. You’ll also discover how you can make it more inclusive so that it meets the needs of different girls, not just the sporty few.

Importantly, you will hear from teenage girls themselves, as well as those who work with them and are making a difference to their lives through sport. 

This course will offer ideas and inspiration to help you turn this understanding into practical solutions and make sport a more relevant and meaningful prospect for girls, and for you and your club. 

The course will culminate in an assessment, which will see you awarded with a certificate and CPD points on successful completion.


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What others say about this course

‘Encouraging girls into sport or back into sport is fundemental for their development. We need to learn more about how we can achieve this, and how we can understand from girls directly what the motivators and barriers are for them. It seems to me from taking part in this course that the route to increase access to sport in girls is to not start with sport, start with the individual, explore the 8 principles, and let the destination be sport, on their terms.

Darren Snow MBE, Strategic Manager & Co-founder, The Crew Club

An excellent course, offering great insights in a structured manner, backed up with a variety of great resources to refer to as well as dig deeper.
George Roussos
This is a great and useful course. The 'real' examples and hearing the success stories puts all the learning into context.
Angie Sword
I found it very well structured, with clear and convincing evidence to support your claims and a very usefull methodologies to put it all into practice.
Daniel Cino

topics Covered


the importance of making sport more inclusive for teenage girls, and the value to you/your club.


the spectrum of engagement that exists for girls and how it can support your work with them


the complex barriers that stop girls from getting involved in sport and dropping out.


the 8 Principles for Success to innovate solutions and break down barriers to make meaningful change for teenage girls in sport.

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Author spotlight

Women in Sport was founded in 1984 and its vision is that no-one is excluded from the joy, fulfilment and lifelong benefits of sport and exercise.  Recognising that gender stereotypes and institutional bias are holding women back in life and in sport, the charity’s purpose is to give every woman and girl the opportunity to take part and inspire her to do so.  The charity has a track record of success in securing change based on its deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of women and girls at each life stage and its determination to break down stubborn gender inequalities through its work within the sports sector and beyond.

Women in Sport

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